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Envisioning a world of better health: MedWater releases its 2019 Annual Report

With a global eye on public health, ensuring that safe water, sanitation, and good hygiene are available to everyone has never been more critical. MedWater's dedication to communities in rural Ecuador is documented with the release of our 2019 Annual Report. Highlights include a focus on sanitation with the construction of latrines across the entire community of Raya Yaku. The communities of Kachiwañushka and Shandia also installed safe water systems, ensuring access to safe water where none was previously available.

MedWater thanks our donors for their invaluable support. Financial contributions turn into a promise for a healthier future. At a time when the most vulnerable are at the highest risk to contracting COVID-19, consistent support can sometimes make the difference between life and death.

Stay informed of MedWater's current activities by following us on FaceBook and Instagram at #MedWater.


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