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Safe Water

Safe water management is placed in the hands of the community. 


Through a training-of-trainers approach, community health promoters learn how to treat and manage water then train leaders in other communities to do the same. 

Making water


MedWater uses a chlorine generator that requires nothing more than a power source (electricity or a car battery) and table salt (NaCl, the source of the chlorine). Chlorine gas is circulated through the water, efficiently killing germs and making water safe in large quantities.

Safe water is collected in covered containers and safely  stored until it is ready to be consumed. 

Leading by example

Safe water is an invaluable part of a healthy population. When community leaders are in engaged and understand the importance of safe water, they help others invest and take the steps required to consume safe water as well. This is why local buy in is a critical part of the MedWater model. 

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