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Over 8400 people have been positively impacted by MedWater


MedWater is a collaborative public health strategy that can quickly help low-income communities create an infrastructure to manage safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. WASH development significantly impacts health and community improvements. 

In Ecuador, local community health technicos have been trained to educate and coordinate communities in WASH (Water Sanitation, and Hygiene)  services.






Our partner organization Fundación MedWater allows operations to be acknowledged by the Ecuadorian government and facilitates collaboration with local government agencies.







In Uganda, a secondary collaboration with Katosi Women Development Trust is building capacity for women to repair their own wells and treat water in surrounding villages.  

By providing training in safe water management, latrine construction, and hygiene education, communities are afforded the tools they need to improve their health.  


30% of the world's population does not have access to safe water or a toilet.

The global water crisis affects about one in six of the world's citizens.  Without safe water children can't stay healthy to go to school, parents can't go to work and economies struggle.  At the same time, sanitation and good hygiene are critical for reducing the spread of disease.

Support the work of MedWater and help communities transform their own lives through safe water, sanitation, and good hygiene. We can do this together. 

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