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Meet The Team


Darrell Adams

 Executive Director

MedWater Co-Founder

The world's health challenges are too complex to be solved singularly. What is needed is a collaboration of many organizations dedicated to the idea that everyone, regardless of who or where they are, should have access to safe water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education.

Chana Fisher

Project Manager 

MedWater Co-Founder

Good health matters. Short term medical trips can make a larger lasting impact on the healthcare they deliver when there is a long term solution of safe water maintained by the village or clinic.

Deborah Payne, MPH

Director of Health Education


I am passionate about protecting environmental public health, both locally and internationally. Sustainable development of public health programs strongly depends on engaging and empowering communities, particularly women and youth. My work is dedicated to securing solutions from the ground up.

Lucila Vargas

Fundación MedWater Technico, Ecuador.

I enjoy teaching and the opportunity to travel and work to spread the importance of safe drinking water.  Our neighbors, friends, and family have all seen the benefits of decreased water-borne diseases as a result of using safe water.

Jeremias Tapuy

Fundación MedWater Technico, Ecuador.

I didn't know anything about these systems before MedWater taught us, and now I am looked upon as an expert on water treatment in my community. I have a long list of people asking whether we can help them get access to safe water in other rural areas of the Amazon, and with the help of MedWater, we are doing what we can!

Jaime Tapuy

Fundación MedWater Technico, Ecuador.


Carmen Tapuy

Fundación MedWater Technico, Ecuador.

Our water system is open to all. We invite the community and all interested people to come and ask questions, learn about water purification, and spread the message of safe water.  It's not something we want to keep to ourselves...the more people utilizing safe water, the healthier our children will be.

Lynn Smith

Technical Advisor

Half the hospital beds in developing countries are filled with people suffering from diseases caused by poor water, sanitation and hygiene (UNDH 2006).  A child dies every two minutes from diseases caused by dirty water and poor sanitation (WHO 2014).  MedWater allows me the opportunity to do something to change these two statistics, for that I am grateful.

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