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Selva Amazonica

The president of Selva Amazonica reached out to Fundación MedWater health promoters, Jaime and Lucila Tapuy. He had heard about the safe water projects and the improvements in health. Jaime and Lucila followed up with a visit to the community to help them explore options. As the conversation continued, the community thought of a design for pumping water from the river up to a central location. While Fundación MedWater has primarily worked to treat existing sources of water, the organization recognizes the critical importance of creating basic access to water. After a couple of field visits to the site, Fundación MedWater decided to begin the process of helping the community identify ways to acquire the resources required for the project. All community members were engaged to be a part of the conversation. During the third Fundación MedWater visit, approximately 50 individuals showed up to share their interest, concerns, and to vote on a community water council.

The community meets to discuss the work of safe water.

Fundación MedWater applied and received a grant from World Connect to fund the safe water project. The community met to discuss acquisition of materials, commitment to sharing responsibilities in the project, and to decide where to place the water tanks.

The community meets to discuss the work of safe water.

from Fundación MedWater - Tark, Lucilla, Jamie

From Fundación MedWater - Tarquino, Lucilla and Jamie

Fundación MedWater technico Tarquino

Tarquino is explaining the need to create a secure location for the inlet of the system.

Jessi, Lucilla, and Jamie documenting the distance from the river to the pump house.

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