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Expanding our reach!

MedWater needs your help! We’re excited to launch a new, $36,000 campaign to help five remote villages in Ecuador’s Amazon basin rainforest gain life-changing access to safe water.

The campaign represents an ambitious expansion of’s years-long work to develop relationships and empower communities in Ecuador’s rural Napo River area with safe water, sanitation and hygiene programs.

In a region long strained by petroleum development and deforestation, the five indigenous Kichwa communities seeking help currently collect drinking water from unprotected and often contaminated streams and rivers. Many suffer from waterborne illnesses that not only threaten health, but keep parents out of work, children out of school and communities from realizing their full potential.

Starting Sunday, we'll be kicking off the campaign with a special week of daily, real-time field dispatches from Medwater’s Ecuadorian team as they travel over the Andes mountains and into the jungles along the Napo River. We’ll introduce you to Kichwa families who live proud, resourceful lives but often without electricity or the financial resources for safe water.

We’ll also be bringing you powerful stories from places such as Selva Amazonica, which has never had access to safe water. Residents bathe and fetch water from a river contaminated with petroleum, byproducts from the drilling up river. Now they’re hauling rock, sand and gravel on their backs to create their new water system. It’s just one example of how Medwater is transforming lives.

Join our cause! Follow our journey and help us reach our $36,000 goal needed to aid Kichwa families in the five villages that we will be introducing to our supporters next week.

There are two ways to help:

Share: Please share our efforts and field reports in the coming week on social media. Let’s get our entire community to help these villages!

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